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Alfa Wassermann SPA


ALFA WASSERMANN is a large pharmaceutical Group with an Italian heart and an international outlook.

Similarly to values, opportunities know no limits. For years, Alfa Wassermann has adopted a globalisation strategy which has led it to expand its activities and optimise the potential of its products. The Group today comprises 12 sister companies operating in 12 different countries in the world. Alfa Wassermann products are marketed in over 60 countries through agreements with qualified local distributors.

In overall terms, the Group currently employs approximately 1,370 employees, 670 of which in Italy.


Alfa Wassermann was ahead of the times in realising the potential of the world that was opening up in that period. It was already operating in Russia and East Europe during the Eighties and it entered China and India in the mid-Nineties.
It works in developed countries and emerging markets, remaining true to a basic principle by which health is for all. Alfa Wassermann expands internationally by means of a strong bond with the territory. The subsidiaries mainly employ a local management team with a strong female element which takes a specific corporate culture and integrates it with group values.


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